Maxime Baconnais is a French brickfilm community member.[1] He is the current owner of the website Brick à Brack. He developed the current version of the website, which has been in use since 2012.


This list is incomplete, as other films are unavailable.

Full filmography
Year Title Notes
2011 Just Dance ! Le 8*8*8 Edition Numéro 3 second place winner
2013 Trancher des briques CABBAB #34: "Trancher des briques" fifth place entry
2017 Au-delà du brickfilm Community project coordinated by Bruno Lefèvre
2017 Intoxication Hallumentaire Co-production with multiple members of Brick à Brack at Fana'briques
Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2017 third place winner


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