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Max Zachner is a German brickfilmer. He is best known for Der Fünfte, Was siehst du? and Das Chamäleon, three films co-produced with Michael Wolling that won awards at three consecutive Steinerei festivals from 2009 to 2011.[1] He also placed first in the 2008 and 2009 Brick-Cinema Christmas Contests with Extreme Geschenking and Stille Nacht, respectively.


Year Title Notes
2008 Extreme Geschenking[2][3] Brick-Cinema Christmas Contest 2008 first place winner[4]
2009 Der Fünfte Co-production with Michael Wolling[5]
Steinerei 2009 Jury and Audience Prizes winner and Brickfilmer second place choice
2009 Stille Nacht[6] Brick-Cinema Christmas Contest 2009 first place winner[7]
2010 ruhr tour 2010 Co-production with "prisac" and nichtgedreht
Late Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 7 film[8]
2010 Red Pyjamaboy[9] Raw-Junk Contest second place winner[10]
2010 Was siehst du? Co-production with Michael Wolling
Steinerei 2010 Audience Prize winner and Jury and Brickfilmer second place choices[11]
2011 Das Chamäleon Co-production with Michael Wolling
Steinerei 2011 Audience and Brickfilmer Prizes winner and Jury second place choice[12]