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Max Bychkov is a brickfilmer based in America,[1] presumed to be Polish. He is best known for the film The Legend of Leszek.[2]


Year Title Notes
2010 Unknown X [3]
2010 Coffee X
2010 Chopping Down A Tree "Chopping Down a Tree" Animation Challenge entry
2010 The Broken Vending Machine X
2010 Bruce's Ambition Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 8 entry
2010 Operation Bank X "Mercenary Brickfilm contest" entry
2011 The Wrong Guy X
2011 Fire! X "Starting a Fire" Animation Challenge entry
2011 Underwater Camera
2011 Brainless Ewok X
2011 Dip Slip X "Slipping" Animation Challenge entry
2011 Scream X
2011 Smoking Gun X
2011 I'm Back X [4]
2011 Burrito Express X Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 9 entry
2012 Mr. Kane's Machine Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest X entry
2013 Barbarian vs Constable X
2013 The Code's Game X Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 11 entry
2014 Scream 2
2014 The Legend of Leszek