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Matthew Bliss is an American brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for the medieval war brickfilms Battle of Kerak and Battle Of Hattin 1187, the western brickfilms Gunslinger and Gunslinger 2: Devils Peak, and for multiple pirate brickfilms including The Undead Pirates and LEGO Pirates: Battle for Cannon Cove.[2]


Year Title Notes
2009 LEGO Pirate Battles[3]
2009 LEGO Pirate Battles 2 X [4]
2010 a pirates life for LEGO X [5]
2010 LEGO Pirate Battles 3 X [6]
2010 LEGO Ghost Pirates X
2017 Battle of Kerak
2017 The Brave Knight
2017 Gunslinger
2018 The Undead Pirates
2018 Street Fight
2018 Gunslinger 2: Devils Peak
2019 LEGO Pirates: Battle for Cannon Cove
2019 Battle Of Hattin 1187
2020 Unreleased/Alternate Brickfilm scenes Compilation of unused footage