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The Matt and Cal series is a series of brickfilms created by Matthew Lieberman and Cody Lieberman. It is a dynamic duo brickfilm series that follows the lives of brothers Matt and Cal and their housemate, The Twilight Zone host Rod Serling, and the strange encounters they have, usually as a result of a portal between dimensions in their bathroom. It stars Matthew Lieberman as Matt (though Matt was voiced by Dario Camerino in Copyright Craze and by Cody Lieberman in Forum Addiction) and Cody Lieberman as Cal.

The characters of Matt and Cal were based on the Lieberman brothers, and Cal's name was derived from Cody Lieberman's initials.[1]


Twilight Trouble (2004)[]

Rod Serling introduces the story of Matt and Cal's house and the portal in the bathroom between the third and fifth dimensions that they are not aware of.[1][2][3]

Forum Addiction (2004)[]

Matt is glued to the forums and does not notice the bizarre events taking place behind him.[4][5][6]

Copyright Craze (2005)[]

As Matt and Cal talk, they keep unwittingly ripping off other brickfilms, and Matt becomes worried that they will get in trouble over copyright infringement.[7][8][9]

Deep Space (2006)[]

Cal finds the portal between dimensions in their bathroom, and he and Matt explore space.[10][11][12]


Matt and Cal series
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