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Matt Viveen is a Canadian brickfilmer. He is best known for creating comedic brickfilms featuring ninjas and samurai, including Legend of the Samurai-Ninja and Samurai Terrorist.[1]


Year Title Notes
2011 Movement Test
2011 Samurai Terrorist TELETOON at Night Pilot Project top five finalist[2]
2012 Ninjas Stole My D
2013 Legend of the Samurai-Ninja
2013 Outtakes from "Legend of the Samurai-Ninja"
2013 Ninjas & Vijya Gaums
2013 Halloween is for Diaper bAbies
2013 Sushi Lunch
2014 Outtakes from "Halloween is for Diaper bAbies"
2014 My Ninjas at Work?
2014 Outta' Ink Again!
2014 Trust me, I'm an engineer
2016 Ninjas & Vijya Gaums Too
2020 Ninjas in the Computer
2020 Quarantined
2020 Ninjas in the Computer Except it's Mostly Hot Garbage
2020 Havin' a Saxy Time
2020 Starwiped and Link Hyped
2020 Much Convenience is Important Bud!
2021 Fake Brick News
2021 Faxed Facts