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Mathias Mertens is a German writer and lecturer in media studies. He is known in brickfilming for creating the annual German brickfilm festival and competition Steinerei, which he hosted from 2005 to 2010.


Year Title Notes
2004 [ Mike's First Attempt]
2004 [ Mike's Second Attempt]
2004 [ Papercut's Community Worker's Entrance Into Showbiz]
2004 The Arnie Situation 1 - A Question of Trust
2004 The Arnie Situation 2 - Get Up Stand Up
2004 The Arnie Situation 3 - Call a Doctor
2004 The Arnie Situation 4 - Philological Surgery
2004 [ The Arnie Situation 5 - Epilogue: And Huarachi Sandals too]
2004 Steine 10 Brick Contest entry
2005 Papercut Unfinished
2005 [ Leg-O-Töne: Pfaff]


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