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Material Possessions is a 2006 comedy brickfilm by Nathan Wells. It is the first film in the Alex and Derrick series and is about Derrick receiving odd purchases in the mail, with Alex not convinced that he needs them.[1] It was an entry into the Ten Lines Contest on and tied for fourth place with The Shopping List by Judah Frank.[2]


Alex opens the front door to find a delivery guy who has packages for Derrick. Derrick signs for his purchases and the delivery guy hands over three large crates. From the first crate, Derrick and produces an American third-edition holographic Charizard Pokémon card with a misprinted hit-point counter. The second crate holds an antique 19th-century coffee maker, but Alex questions why Derrick would need this.

Alex examines the Pokémon card and notices that it isn't actually misprinted, but Derrick just says he will edit it in Photoshop. Derrick opens the final crate and takes out a giant gun, which goes off and destroys their ceiling.

In the kitchen, Derrick tests out his coffee maker, only for it to spray coffee all over Alex and Derrick.[1]



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