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Martian Gothic 3 is a 2003 sci-fi brickfilm by Patryk Wawer.[1] It follows a crew coming to rescue Madlock from an alien ship.[2] It is the final film in the Martian Gothic trilogy, following Martian Gothic 2 from 2002.[3]


In 2030, years after Madlock's missions to Mars that ended with him being knocked out, Madlock is awoken by a crew of three. They tell him they have travelled to Mars to rescue him and that they are on board a species' spaceship just moving away from Mars. When they say they must get out as quickly as possible, Madlock asks about saving the others, but the crew say they have already looked for them and can't find them. Madlock assumes they must still be on Mars, and the crew tell him it is possible as they did not have enough time to investigate Alpha base. Upon learning what year it is, Madlock is angered that they did not come to rescue his team for seven years, but he is unsurprised to hear that the commanders blocked any attempt, as he had always been convinced he was sent to die.

Madlock fears they will all be killed by aliens, but the crew tell him that they have laser guns and that the ship looks like it controls itself, so they take a look around. When they arrive at the door to an escape pod, a creature approaches them from behind and kills the crew leader. Madlock enters the pod and the other crew members shoot at the creature before being killed. Madlock makes a short journey to Mars to once again try to investigate what is going on. However, he finds that all traces of Alpha base have mysteriously been removed. He realises he will soon die here.[2]


  • Patryk Wawer - Director
  • Richie Chotkoe - Special thanks
  • Niels Mol - Special thanks, Music


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