Martian Gothic 2
The crew encounter the zombified Karne
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Directed by
Released September 8, 2002
Patryk Wawer
  • Science fiction
  • Horror
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Language English
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Part of the Martian Gothic series
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Martian Gothic 2 is a 2002 sci-fi horror brickfilm by Patryk Wawer.[1] It is about Madlock returning to Mars on an investigation.[2] It was entered into the Shootin Horror Animation Contest, in which it was nominated for Best Monster, Best Visual Effects, and Best Set Design.[3] It is the sequel to Martian Gothic from earlier in the same year, and it was followed by Martian Gothic 3 in 2003.

Plot Edit

Three years after his disastrous first mission,[4] Madlock returns to Mars with three new companions, Kane, Lukas and Ivan, to investigate what happened. They split into 2 groups and Madlock and Kane enter Alpha base through the front entrance. Madlock makes radio contact with team B when he notices that the doors have been changed since his last visit, and they wonder if someone is still living here.

The teams begin to encounter zombies, and team B report that the bodies are in good shape, as if someone is helping them. Madlock asks them to go to the gym and report what they find. Upon opening the door, they see an alien species eating something, and team A comes to see. They split up again, and when team B enter a room, they are killed by zombies. When they do not return contact, Madlock realises they are dead and decides it is time to return home. Suddenly, he and Kane are attacked by an alien.[2]

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