Martian Gothic
The astronauts arrive at Alpha base on Mars
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Directed by
Released May 20, 2002
Patryk Wawer
  • Science fiction
  • Horror
Running time
Language English
Part of the Martian Gothic series
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Martian Gothic is a 2002 sci-fi horror brickfilm by Patryk Wawer based on the video game of the same name.[1] It follows three astronauts sent to Mars for reasons unknown.[2] It was followed by Martian Gothic 2 later in 2002.

Martian Gothic was the first brickfilm released by Wawer (not including a minute-long scene from Grand Theft Auto).[3] It is Wawer's second version of the film, as he had previously completed shooting a version entirely in front of a green screen that he did not finish post-production on before restarting the project.[4]

Plot Edit

Three astronauts, Madlock, Kenzo and Karne, have been sent on a mission to Mars for reasons unknown to them and with no mission goals, giving Madlock the feeling they were sent to die. They arrive after a 6 month journey and enter Alpha base. Inside, they are surprised to find a dead body on the ground. The three men decide to separate in order to look for the control unit.

As Karne walks through a corridor, he begins to hear noises, and is suddenly killed by a creature. Kenzo finds the control room, in which there is another dead body. He attempts to make radio contact with Karne, before realising he is dead. He then contacts Madlock to give him the news. Madlock enters a room and zombies begin to appear and chase him. Kenzo makes contact to say he has found the now zombified Karne, and Madlock decides they should return to their ship. Zombie Karne kills Kenzo before he can escape, and Madlock manages to leave the base and kills zombie Kenzo before leaving Mars on the ship.[2]

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