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Marooned is a 2011 pirate brickfilm by Jack Bond.[1] It is about a pirate who is left marooned on an island after betraying his crew. It was an entry to the Tales of Yore Contest and won first place.


Aboard a pirate ship, a crew member steals a key from the captain's quarters. Another crew member catches him on the deck, but is knocked overboard by a swinging crane. The thief prepares to jettison the lifeboat to escape, but the rest of the crew confront him. As punishment for his treachery, he is left marooned on a small island, given a gun with one bullet and a bottle of water, and still possessing the key.

After exhausting his water supply, the thief discovers the wreckage of a raft on the shore. He rebuilds the raft and sets sail from the island. After some time at sea, surviving a shark attack during a storm, he finds a floating bottle containing a plea for help from another marooned pirate. He rescues this pirate and another soon afterwards. The thief shows the key to the other two and the third pirate reveals he has a map to what the key will open.

The trio follow the map to an island, but come under attack from the pirate ship as they draw near. They arrive ashore just as their raft is destroyed by cannon fire. Following the map on the island, they discover a boat on a river, which they row into a cave. Deep within the cave they find a room filled with treasure, with a chest in the centre. The thief uses the key to open the chest, which is filled to the brim with gold and jewels. They haul the chest out of the cave, narrowly escaping a boulder trap, but are ambushed by island natives at the exit.

The trio are tied up and the natives circle around them. Some of the crew from the pirate ship attempt to sneak off with the treasure chest, but a monkey alerts the natives to their presence. They run off without the chest and the natives give chase. While unguarded, the trio untie themselves. The natives soon return, eating the remains of the crew members. The trio flee and lose the natives when a rope bridge is cut. They then encounter the pirate captain and his guards. The two groups battle for the treasure chest, with the thief duelling the captain. The marooned trio eventually prevail, coming to each other's rescue. When the captain comes to, he finds that he himself has been marooned, and the trio have commandeered his ship.


Marooned received nominations in three categories of the 2011 Bricks in Motion Awards.[2]

Year Competition Category Result
2011 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Film Nominated
Best Screenplay Nominated
Best Cinematography Nominated