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Marc Beurteaux is an award-winning Australia-born Canadian animator.[1] He is known in brickfilming for Robota.


While Marc Beurteaux has had a long career as an animator, he has only made one brickfilm: Robota. However, he has worked as an animator on the TV show Rick and Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World, which was based on the brickfilm series of the same name.[2]


Marc Beurteaux has won many awards, including the following for Robota:[2]

  • Best Art Direction - Chicago Short Film Festival, Chicago, IL, USA
  • Best Canadian Film - Resfest 2005
  • Best Animation - Deep Fried Film Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  • Audience Award - 24 Hour Film Festival, New York, USA
  • Outstanding Achievement Award - New Haven Underground Film , Festival, Hartford, CT, USA