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Malheur ("Misfortune") is a 2010 drama brickfilm by Jeremy Richard. It follows the story of a man whose parents were mysteriously murdered 20 years earlier.[1] It was an official selection at the BAFTA Qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2014 in York, England.[2] It is a spiritual successor to Douleur, from 2006.


One night, a criminal breaks into a house. He locates a couple asleep in bed and shoots them both, before fleeing.

20 years later, the son of the couple walks down a street, and bumps in to someone whose appearance seems to bother him for a reason he cannot place. He gets home and turns on the TV, seeing a report on his parents' long-unsolved murder case. He has a flashback to that night, but suddenly the face of the killer pops into his head, and seems oddly familiar.

When the man is outside, he begins to see the face of the killer in everyone he passes. He cannot shake the feeling he is being followed, but when he turns around, there is nobody. He finds a pair of large doors he hides behind them, looking out. A middle-aged man arrives, and the man recognises him, remembering looking through his parents' door and seeing their killer. The killer enters the doorway and raises a gun to the man. A gunshot is heard.[1]


  • Jeremy Richard - Screenplay, Director, Animator, Cinematography, Editor
  • Kate Mellors - Music, Sound design