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Magic Marker is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by Kate Fischer. It is the second film in the Ralph and Rupert series and depicts the mischief caused by Ralph and Rupert when Ralph finds a marker with magical powers.[1] It was primarily produced to test special effects created with Photoshop and calls back to plot elements introduced in Mad Crazy Scientist,[2] which was released just the previous day.[3][4]


Ralph shows Rupert his new find of a marker with the power to make objects appear and produces a block. Rupert tests the marker by producing a ball which he uses to knock Ralph over, and Ralph retaliates by making women's clothing appear on Rupert. Rupert summons a samurai who hits Ralph with a stick, but when Ralph uses the marker to create a clone of himself, his clone immediately runs outside to wreak havoc once again.

Rupert ends up in a familiar situation, asking the two Ralphs "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck...".[1]


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