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Mad Crazy Scientist is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by Kate Fischer.[1] It introduces the characters of Ralph and Rupert and is about Ralph creating a clone of himself, who escapes and wreaks havoc outside.[2] It was released simultaneously alongside Stop! thief! and both films were submitted for the High Adventure Theatre Contest, though neither was accepted due to their inclusion of copyrighted music. The film placed first in Fischer's school's film festival in 2005.[3]


Ralph explains to Rupert that he is going to become an inventor. Rupert forbids Ralph to touch any piece of equipment following "the dynamite incident", and then leaves for soccer practice. When he returns, he finds that Ralph has turned his bedroom into a cloning laboratory. Ralph makes Rupert man the controls as he gets into the machine to be cloned, and when he emerges from the machine he is soon followed by an identical clone. Rupert is amazed that the machine worked, but the clone immediately runs outside. Ralph and Rupert leave to find it before it does anything bad.

Ralph and Rupert find a street destroyed with lava flowing through it. A police officer blames this havoc on Ralph and does not believe the explanation that his evil clone did it. Ralph is arrested and Rupert is left having to sort everything out. Just then, their friend Gordon appears and offers to show Rupert his new clone-killing gun. Gordon takes Rupert to his house and shows him the gun along with a suit to protect the user against radiation, and Rupert knocks out Gordon and takes the equipment.

Once outside, Rupert finds Ralph under the wreckage of a police car. Ralph explains that this was the clone's doing and points him out across the road. The clone steals a car to escape and Ralph hops into another car to give chase. Ralph jumps to the clone's car to attack him and they both fall out, leaving Rupert faced with the two Ralphs and not knowing which to shoot. He comes up with a question that he knows Ralph will answer in a certain way and asks "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?". When one Ralph responds, "What's a woodchuck?", Rupert shoots the other one, knowing that the clone was slightly smarter than the idiotic Ralph. The duo return home as Ralph continues to ask what a woodchuck is.[2]


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