Maciek Klimczak
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Also known as
  • Sshadow
  • SshadowPL
  • Original Color Studio
Years active
2010 - Present
  • Website admin
  • Brickfilmer
Nationality Poland Flag Polish
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Maciek Klimczak is a Polish brickfilmer.[1] He co-founded the Polish-language brickfilming website WMBF along with Samuel "Sqeverek" Syrecki, and he was involved with hosting the site's official events Wakacyjny Konkurs WMBF and the WMBF Awards.[2]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2010 Ulica Kopnięta - Odcinek Pierwszy
2010 Ulica Kopnięta - Odcinek Drugi
2010 Ulica Kopnięta - Odcinek Trzeci
2010 Test of nerves
2010 CLICK!
2010 Merry Christmas
2011 Cola Massacre
2011 Walk This Way - BANANA The Four Monkeys "Walk This Way" Contest entry
2011 Snowballs are DANGEROUS! "Throwing a Snowball" Animation Challenge entry
2011 Getting Run Over "Getting Run Over" Animation Challenge entry
2011 The Code Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 9 entry
2016 CASH Anatomy

References Edit

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