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MIMUS is a 2009 brickfilm by Steffen Troeger and Sandra Abele. It is about a girl who discovers how to make LEGO come to life.[1] It was created for Steinerei 2009 and placed third in the Brickfilmer choice category.

MIMUS is known for featuring life-size characters built with LEGO, large enough to be wearing real human clothing. The mannequins were acquired on eBay and had steel frame and foam interiors that were not conducive to animation.[2] The film also features a design of dog built from five bricks, which is one of the incorporations of the Steinerei 2009 theme, "Five". The dog design was previously seen in Troeger's 2004 film, He's coming..., and is based on a design from the LEGO Homemaker set 211 Mother and Baby with Dog.


A girl reaches into a tub of LEGO and places five bricks on a table. She builds a basic dog from the bricks, and when she taps it on the head, it comes to life. The girl is surprised and phones a boy to tell him about her discovery. The boy comes over and the two of them watch the LEGO dog run around the table. They then place three DUPLO figures on the table, and when tapped on their heads, these figures all come to life. The dog jumps towards one of the DUPLO figures, and upon impact the dog smashes to pieces.

The DUPLO figures take turns rearranging the five pieces into something new: first a chair, then a playground spring rocker, and finally a robot. The robot begins to move and spins around faster and faster until its individual pieces are sent scattering. The DUPLO figures take the pieces and reconstruct the dog, which then defecates on the table.[1]