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METRO is a 2002 music video brickfilm by Doug James. It follows a man who pursues ghostly visions of a woman.[1] It was created when German musician Simon Werle posted to the brickfilming forums asking if anyone would be interested in making a video for one of his songs. Doug James accepted and picked "METRO", and began discussion with Werle on how the video should play out.[2][3]


In a futuristic setting, a man wakes up and gets ready for work. As he brushes his teeth, a vision of a woman appears in the mirror. The man gets in his vehicle and drives through the city. He thinks he sees the woman on a street, but she disappears. He continues to see fleeting visions of her and follows them until he is lead to the gate to the old city, which is a restricted area. His vehicle is scanned and access is granted.

The visions lead the man to the chained gate of an underground metro station. He enters and heads downstairs to find a dance party taking place. He manages to reach the woman on the track, but when they embrace, everything begins to disappear. An alien ship is revealed to be carrying the inhabitants of the metro station on board in captivity.[1]


  • Doug James - Director, Ideas
  • Simon Werle - Music, Ideas


Year Competition Category Result
2002 Plast Awards Best Special Effects Won