The robot and the girl in the mech face off
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Released January 3, 2016
  • Action
  • Science fiction
Running time
Language English
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MECH is a 2016 sci-fi action brickfilm by Benjamin Ely.[1] It follows a girl who is being hunted by a killer robot.[2] It was created for Twenty-Four-Hour-Animation-Contest XIII, and won first place. It is a non-minifig brickfilm, and features a LEGO Friends minidoll, a monkey, and brick-built mechs.

Plot Edit

In a forested area, a girl is bathing when she begins to hear loud footsteps approaching. She rushes to get her simian companion, and they head down a hatch in the ground. A killer robot arrives and detects signs of life nearby. The girl gets into a mech and heads back above ground to battle the robot. The robot manages to destroy the mech and render the girl incapacitated on the ground. It takes aim, but notices the girl's injuries and helplessness.

When the girl gets up, she notices the robot in the distance walking away. She notices that next to her, the robot has left a note that reads "Forgive me".[2]

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