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MANiiFEST is a brickfilming competition being hosted by Ben Young on Bricks in Motion in 2022. It is the twelfth official Bricks in Motion summer contest, and is a second iteration of Young's MANiFEST contest, following the first from 2021. As with the first one, the aim of the contest is to encourage experimentation in brickfilming, with greater freedom than the average brickfilm contest, and with entrants encouraged to consider styles or combinations of mediums that are not commonly seen in brickfilming. The contest was announced via a narrative-based video featuring Ben Young, Chris Wynn, Seán Willis, and Lucas Mass together in person.

Judging and prizes

The contest will be judged by a panel consisting of Seán Willis, William Osborne, Lucas Mass, "Edbound", Thomas Evans, and Ben Young. Like the preceding Bricks in Motion Summer contests, no formal set of judging criteria will be used, but consideration was given to overall creativity, originality, and interpretation of the contest's theme and spirit.[1]

Prizes will be awarded to the top three placing entrants, in a prize pool format. The three prizes available are a copy of Dragonframe 5 including Bluetooth controller, a Brickstuff Pico LED light board starter kit, and the LEGO set 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System.




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