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Luca-Dante Spadafora is a German filmmaker.[1] He released brickfilms from 2014 to 2017, and is best known in brickfilming for the action films RAID and KILLER. He was working on another large brickfilm project after these, but as of 2022, it has not been released.[2]


Year Title Notes
2014 Die Münze
2014 Aquaplaning
2014 Gangster
2014 Die Ampel
2014 Einparken
2014 Zeitdruck
2014 Schnee
2015 Feuer
2015 Kettenreaktion
2015 Die Fabrik
2015 KILLER Shorts on the Rock 2016 second place winner
JuFinale 2016 Best Animation winner
2017 RAID JuFinale 2017 Audience Award winner[3]