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Lost is a 2004 adventure brickfilm by Cornelius Koch.[1][2][3] It follows a man who becomes lost in the wilderness following a plane crash.[4] It was created for the High Adventure Theatre Contest on and placed tenth overall.[5][6]


Aboard a flight, the pilot announces that one of the turbines has failed, and that they must attempt an emergency landing. The plane crashes and the only survivor is a man, Robert Manon. Robert finds that he is alone in a forested land. He wanders around, and eventually picks a spot and goes to sleep for the night. When he wakes up, his bag is gone. Now starving, he continues to wander until he finds a hut. He sneaks up to the hut to steal a loaf of bread. He sees a man trapped in a cage, and grabs a nearby key to let him out. A native spots them and they run away.

The man introduces himself as Dr. Kramer. He explains that he is a research scientist who found the village and was put in a cage along with another man. After about a month, the other man was taken away, never to be seen again. Dr. Kramer speculates that the natives are cult members. He brings Robert to his laboratory to try to send a radio message. Upon arriving, they find that the cult members have destroyed all the equipment, and realise they are in danger. They take a car and make a getaway, and are pursued by cult members on bikes. They lose the cult members and eventually reach the next city. Dr. Kramer shows Robert where the airport is so that he can fly home.

Robert awakes on a flight. Every person and conversation around him is identical to how it was before the plane crash. In the wilderness below, Dr. Kramer presses a button and causes a turbine of the plane to fail.[4]



  • Cornelius Koch - Writer, Producer, Animator, Mountains and main LEGO set
  • Laura Koch - Canyon model
  • Cry For Life - "Lost Theme Song"
  • Elysis - "Dr. Kramer Song"
  • The Incredibles - "Village Drums", "Drum Solo (Intro)"