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Lonesome Heroes is a 2007 music video drama brickfilm by Jason Boyle. It follows the story of a man separated from his wife by war and features the song of the same name by musicians Nadine and Charlie.[1] It was an entry to the Nadine and Charlie 2007 Music Video Contest on and placed first overall.[2] The main characters previously appeared in Signs of Life, the winner of the previous year's edition of the contest.


In their house, a woman helps a man prepare for war. The man and woman hug, and the man leaves the house, as the woman watches through the window. The man arrives at a war-torn battlefield and joins the ranks of an army, Back home, the woman watches news coverage of the war. The man dons armor and participates in target practice. The woman eats dinner with friends but is reminded of the man when she sees his picture. The man fires upon the faceless enemy. As colleagues around him are shot, the man is shot in the arm, but he continues fighting and helps take out the rest of the enemy. The man returns home to the woman and they hug.[1]

Award nominations[]

Jason Boyle was nominated for one award for Lonesome Heroes in the 2007 Brick Award for Film Arts awards.[3]

Year Competition Category Result
2007 Brick Award for Film Arts Best Director Nominated