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The Battle for Helm's DeepThe Battle of Bjorn IronsideThe Battle of Helm's Deep
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The Box (disambiguation)The Brick Gulch ChroniclesThe Brick Thief
The Brickfilm FeatureThe Brickfilms Director's ProjectThe Bricks in Motion Collection
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The Citizen of the YearThe Clandestine CacheThe Cleaners
The Court of ConundrumsThe CreatorsThe Crow and the Fox
The Crucible - trailerThe Customer is Always RightThe Dandelion
The Day Aliens Finally InvadedThe Day CrashedThe Deal
The Diary of Horace WimpThe Director's CutThe Dragon
The DreamThe DuelThe Egg
The Emperor's Royal GuardThe EndThe End of Sports
The Evilness BeginsThe Evolution of CreationThe Exquisite Corpse
The Factory FixThe Fastest and Funniest LEGO Star Wars story ever toldThe Fastest and Funniest LEGO Star Wars story ever told... The Prequel!
The Final QuestThe Final TapirThe First LEGO Movie
The Fisherman and his WifeThe Force Awakens in 30 secondsThe Force Unleashed
The Four MonkeysThe Franky JobThe Freak
The FrontThe Fun HouseThe Funhouse
The Game (Jordan and Nathan Johnson film)The Game (Nate Burr film)The Game (disambiguation)
The GauntletThe Gift from the FutureThe Great LEGO Train Crash Disaster
The Great Train RobberyThe Green DragonThe Han Solo Affair
The Hand of FateThe Hei$tThe Hobbit: The Lake-Town Chase
The HouseThe House That Jack BuiltThe Incredible Story of James William
The Infinite BrickThe InventorThe Job (Aaron Puzey film)
The Job (Cornelius Koch and Theodor Becker film)The Job (disambiguation)The Journey
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The LEGO Fight 3The LEGO GroupThe LEGO Hot Fuzz
The LEGO Man MatrixThe LEGO Movie (1994 film)The Legend of Ignaqua
The Legend of LeszekThe LetterThe Librarian
The Long Way HomeThe Los Angeles River MurderThe Lost Invention
The Lost Tales of Monkey IslandThe MachineThe Magic Portal
The Magician's HatThe Man Of All Leisures seriesThe Man with the Top Hat
The Marvel Cinematic Universe in LEGOThe Matrix in 6 MinutesThe Mollusk
The Most Pointless Adventure EverThe MuseumThe Mysterious Secret Treasure of the Lost Pyramid
The NeighborThe New NeighbourThe Ocean Eleven
The Office JobThe Orange-Green War BeginsThe Orange-Green War Continues
The OvenThe Package III - DeadfireThe Package II - Redherring
The PepperonisThe Peril of Doc OckThe Pilgrim's Christmas
The Pilgrim's In-LawsThe Pilgrim's SonThe Pilgrim's Wedding
The Pilgrim seriesThe Pilgrims' TurkeyThe Pinchbot Invasion
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The Quest for the Blood DiamondThe Quest for the Blood Diamond IIThe Quest for the Torc Alliah
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The Revenge SongThe RiverThe Schla La Las - 1234
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