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(Never) Meant To Be007 Operation: Cement Dust007 in The Man Who Killed Me Once
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A Clone Halloween: Gurve Meh Teh Carndy!A Dangerous CallingA Day at the Theatre
A Fixed SystemA Forest - The CureA Future for All
A Grand and Merry ChaseA Grand and Merry RaceA Hero's Journey
A LEGO ExperienceA New ComputerA Night at the Pier
A Peculiar Event ContestA Proletarian OutlookA Quiet Evening
A Remote LocationA Trip to AlphenA Very Merry Christmas Special with Alex and Derrick and Alice!
A Wasted JourneyA frosty WelcomeA short documentary about: RUSSELL
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Aaron LeggAbandoned TownAbducted!
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Al, Alien Hunter!Al NickelsAlabama Jones and the Lost Topping of Doom
AladibababadAlain 2Alban Nanty
Alex KobbsAlex PearsonAlex and Derrick: Five Years Later
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Alexy AuffèvesAlien ParasitesAll Hallows Steve
All in a Days WorkAll of the DeadAlles ist die Noppe
AloneAlpenglowAlso Thwacked Zarathustra
AmazoneAmerica's Funniest Home VideosAmerica: Outlawed
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Anne Frank in Bricks ChallengeAnne Frank in Bricks TrailerAnthony D'Angelo
Antonio's RevengeApocalypse LEGO Episode 1: Frozen TerrorArchaic: Beneath the Land Above
Arend HintzeArkadiusz DydekArthur's Legacy
As the Saying GoesAshes, AshesAssassin's LEGO: Cops Chasing Robbers
Athena's Birth IN BRICKSAttack of the CloneAttack of the Second Amendment
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