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Loïc Desjardins is a French music composer. Besides his own film Nowhere in Space Episode I: Twenty Years, he is best known in brickfilming as a composer for classic brickfilms such as Rapunzel by Jay Silver and Bowling for Sandercoe by Chris Salt.[1][2] He contributed the song "I Animate" to the revised version of Animation Class: Lesson 1 by Stefan van Zwam.[3] He was brought back to composing for brickfilms for Taco Trouble 2: The Trial, released in 2021.


As director[]

Year Title Notes
2003 Monky Business Words of Wisdom Contest entry[4]
2004 Nowhere in Space Episode I: Twenty Years[5][6]

As composer[]

Year Title Notes
2003 The Sol Chronicles Episode 1 Opening Directed by Jason Rowoldt
2003 The Fall of the House of Usher Directed by Michael J. Green
2003 SS-5 Moccasin Special Edition Directed by Patryk Wawer
2004 Nowhere in Space Episode I: Twenty Years
2004 Stranded Directed by Felix C.
2004 Rapunzel Directed by Jay Silver
2004 Animation Class: Lesson 1 (updated version) Directed by Stefan van Zwam
2004 The Brick Gulch Chronicles Directed by Chris Salt
2007 Bowling for Sandercoe Directed by Chris Salt
2021 Taco Trouble 2: The Trial Produced by Seán Willis, Brian Willis, Andy Boyer, & Dave Lennie

Loïc also contributed music and sound design to Jay Silver's 2005 puppet animation King Kong vs. Aquadrillicus, which was created for and won "a contest held by Ain't It Cool News in which the intent was to create a creature that King Kong might encounter on his native Skull Island and animate it using the stop-motion technique".[7]