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Living in MeatSpace is a 2008 dynamic duo comedy brickfilm by Nate Burr.[1] It follows Kevin and Toby as they decide to briefly stop playing video games and venture outside, where Kevin imagines outlandish backstories for the people around them.[2] It is a special in the MeatSpace series, and does not factor into the episode numbering. It was commissioned by The LEGO Group as one of three brickfilms created to tie in with their "Go Miniman Go!" 30th anniversary of the minifigure campaign and to help promote the Go Miniman Go! Video Contest,[3] along with 30 Years: The Story of the Minifigure by Nathan Wells and Go Miniman Go! by David Pagano.[4] Eventually, it became available to view on Comcast On Demand.

Footage of Living in MeatSpace was reused in combination with new audio to create MeatSpace Episode 8 - "Briefcase conspiracy".


While Kevin plays the newest LEGO video game, Toby begins talking to him and suggests that they try leaving the house. After much arguing, Toby manages to get Kevin to come with him outside to the park. A bored Kevin uses his imagination to prove points to Kevin by imagining hypothetical scenarios in their future. He then begins to people-watch, imagining peculiar potential backstories for a nearby cowboy and a nearby homeless person. Kevin's increasingly preposterous ramblings eventually lead to Toby deciding to just go back inside.[2]


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