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Live 2 Sk8 is a 2010 comedy brickfilm by David Boddy. It follows a young skateboarder who is determined to land grinds on a difficult set of rails.[1] It was originally created for the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 7, in which it placed seventh.[2] The cut submitted to THAC was not how Boddy intended the film to be, as it was missing planned shots and contained lots of repeated footage. Boddy later created a second, final version of the film with more animation and some other changes, so that it was closer to how initially intended.[3][4]


A group of skateboarders stand around near a mall. Their friend Joey arrives, and shows off his new skateboard. Joey wants to try it out at the mall, but his friend tells him the mall cops are preventing them from skating. Joey then turns his attention to a large set of steps, with two handrails in the middle. Despite warning from his friends, he decides to skate the spot. He grinds the first rail, but falls and tumbles to the road below. An ambulance arrives.

In hospital, Joey is informed that he has broken his arm. He asks when he can skate again, and is told he will be out in four weeks. When he gets out, he goes back to trying to land the grinds down the stairs, and falls badly once again. He returns to hospital, with a broken arm and leg. When he gets out six weeks later, he attempts the trick once again, and ends up back in hospital with even more broken bones. Finally, after a 9 week stay, he gets out of hospital, returns to the spot, and manages to land grinds on both of the handrails in one line.[1]