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A film playing in the LEGO Studios website Screening Room circa 2001

This is a list of films that were available to view on the website of LEGO Studios. The site included a section called Screening Room, which included a number of different categories of films that were available. The individual categories have been preserved on this list, in the orders they were presented in. The films were available to either download or stream. The films on the site were added between 2000 and 2002, and the website was offline by the second quarter of 2003.[1]

"Movie Clips"[]

Available on an older version of the LEGO Studios website. These films appear to have been available to watch before the official launch of LEGO Studios on November 1, 2000, as the archives of the related pages begin in June 2000.[2]

Year Film Director(s) Status
2000 Jurassic Bark Bastrup Trickfilm Located
2000 T-Rex in the Studio[3] Bastrup Trickfilm Located
2000 Intro to the LEGO Studios Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set Unknown Unclear

Official LEGO brickfilms[]

Year Film Director(s) Status
2002 Scary Thriller[4] Spite Your Face Productions Located
2002 The Han Solo Affair[5] Spite Your Face Productions Located
2001 Monty Python and the Holy Grail in LEGO[6] Spite Your Face Productions Located
2002 Spiderman[7] Spite Your Face Productions Located
2000 Jewel Quest[8] Bastrup Trickfilm Located
2000 Jurassic Bark[9] Bastrup Trickfilm Located
2000 Dino Cop[10] Michael Schrom Located

Other professionally created brickfilms[]

Year Film Director(s) Status
2002 Scary Thriller: Directors' Cut[11] Spite Your Face Productions Located
2002 Fell in Love with a Girl[12] Michel Gondry Located
2001 ONE: A Space Odyssey[13] Spite Your Face Productions Located

LEGO Studios Movie Making Contest entries[]

Entries to the LEGO Studios Movie Making Contest. This category contained a combination of winners and other semi-finalists of the main US contest, two winners of a lesser-known UK version of the contest, as well as the three winners of the National Movie-Competition at Singapore Polytechnic.

Year Film Director(s) Status
2001 Heavenly Balls Ben Roper and Richard Seaman[14] Located
2001 TBC News Sam Roelich[15] Located
2001 Where Does All the LEGO Go? Eli Cull and Joseph Cull[16] Located
2001 Western Trouble Caleb Kester[17] Located
2001 Al, Alien Hunter! Eric Stirpe[18] Located
2001 Haunted David Pagano[19] Located
2001 Riddle of the Sphinx Colin Schultheis & Cameron Schultheis[20] Located
2001 Maximillion and Truth Eben McDaniel and Anica McDaniel[21] Located
2001 Jungle Joe Colin Sandeman-Allen[22] Located
2001 Planet LEGO Attacks!!! Pete Twisdale and Marshall Hawkins[23] Located
2001 Recycling Tammy Ho Missing
2001 The Final Tapir A team of 3 from Hong Wen Primary School Located
2001 Shark Fin Soup Bites A team from Singapore American School Missing
2001 A scene from Adventures in LEGOland Dan Schick[24] Located


The LEGO Studios website included a submission form that allowed anyone the chance to have their own LEGO Studios film added to the website. This category also contains two of the semi-finalists from the LEGO Studios Movie Making Contest, for unknown reasons. The film The Duel is only visible in archives of the German-language version of the LEGO Studios site (as Das Duell),[25] and its exclusion from the English-language site (potentially only after a certain point) was presumably a mistake, as it is a film from Australia. The year/s in which the following films were added is not known, but it appears likely that they are all from 2001. It is possible that this block of films replaced at least one previously available block, the films of which are not known.[26]

Film Director(s) Status
A Windy Day Jonathan Williams[27] Located
Progress Justin Rueff[28] Located
Street Soccer Unknown Located
B Boy Skelies Thomas Talbot[29] Located
The Duel Daniel Cathers[30] Missing
Space Race Peter Friend[31] Located
NASA 3 Case Frick[32] Located
Neat things you can do with your movie kit Phil Singleton[33] Located
Western Trouble Caleb Kester[17] Located
The Great Hike Russell Cannon, Zach Venable & Cody Pruitt[34] Located
The Dead Musketeer Unknown Located
Al, Alien Hunter! Eric Stirpe[18] Located

"How To Movies"[]

Also available on the LEGO Studios site in the Screening Room section were some of the instructional videos from the LEGO Studios MovieMaker Set CD.

Year Film Director(s) Status
2000 Johnny Run[35] Bastrup Trickfilm Located
2000 Johnny Flies[36] Bastrup Trickfilm Located
2000 Defy Gravity[37] Bastrup Trickfilm Located
2000 Special Effects[38] Bastrup Trickfilm Located
2000 Director in Action Bastrup Trickfilm Unclear
2000 Moving Backdrop Bastrup Trickfilm Unclear
2000 Sound Effects Bastrup Trickfilm Located
2000 Stop Motion Bastrup Trickfilm Located


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