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This is a list of brickfilms that were in the first film directory on This directory was started by Jason Rowoldt on December 16, 2000 and received its last update on February 17, 2003. It was superseded by the second directory, which was launched by Joshua Leasure on August 4, 2003.

This directory was divided into four categories based on the length of the films, and the categories have been preserved on this list with their original descriptions.[1] Occasionally, more than one film was included in a single entry in the directory, which has also been preserved on this list. In some cases, the years listed for when a film was made is approximate and based on when they were added to the directory if there is no other information, and it is possible that they were made in prior years.

Also included are the lists of entries to the two contests hosted on this version of the website, the Classical Movie Contest and the Historical Fiction Contest, which were not accessed from the main Directory page but were listed in the Contests page in the exact same format as Directory films.

At least two animations has been found to be in early archives but be gone in later ones,[2][3] so it is possible that this list does not contain every film that was ever in the directory.

Quickies - Less than a minute[]

"A very short film or animation. They may be screen tests, concept ideas, or quick sketches. Usually nonsensical with no background, story or real characters. Fun to watch anyway."[4][5]

Year Film Director(s) Status
2001 Al the Delivery Man: Scene 1 Seth Rotkin Missing
2002 Argument of the Nerds: Episode 1 "Mike" Missing
2002 The Atom Bomb William Zolandz Located
2002 Bankrånet Daniel, Erik, Kristian Sandberg Located
2001 Battle of the Aliens "JesusFreak1181" and "Lego_Boy" Located
2001 Behind the Scenes Dave Amos Located
2001 Behind the Scenes 2 Dave Amos Missing
2002 Big Fight Michael Kim Located
2001 The Blob Chris G. Located
2002 Bohrok Bust a Groove Jonathan "Lewa11" Kaplan Missing
2001 Brickfilms Director's Project - Group 2, Part 3 Jason Rowoldt Missing
2002 The Cafe Jake "Bink" Christie Located
2000? Castle Fighters Nicolas Teeuwen Located
2001 Cemetary Jason Statham Located
2002 The Clock Daniel R. Missing
2001 Crash Landing[2] Julie Regnier Located
2000 Crash Ryan trailer Jamey Dilbeck Located
2001 CyberSlam Michael Bowman Located
2001 Darth Vader, Jedi Duel Frank McKeever Located
2001 The Duel Steve Barker Located
2002 Episode III Trailer Justin Bush and James West Located
2002 Escape Justin Bush and James West Located
2000 The Escape Stephen F Roberts Located
2002 The Extreme Daniel R. Missing
2002 The Game Nate Burr Located
2002 GTA – scene 70 Patryk Wawer Located
2002 The Hand Zach "Z" Stanley Located
2002 Harry Potter various (1, 2, 4, 5) The Findlays Located 4/7
2001 Imperial Day Off Mike Lewis Located
2000 Jar Jar Binks and the French Revolution Marc Atkin Located
2001 Jar Jar's Visitor Matt Halsdorff Located
2001 Jedi Defense, Imperial March Frank McKeever Located
2000 Jet Car Thomas Foote Located
2001 The Job Aaron Puzey Located
2001 Joust Ben Brenninkmeyer Located
2002 The Juggler Nick Maniatis Located
2001 Just Mindin' My Business Russ Jensen Located
2001 Kill Your Speed Stephen Lord Located
2001 - 2002 Kowarama films
(The Liar, SCISSORS!, The Liar part II, The Liar III, New! Old Animations!)
Clayton Wilson and David Bernstein Located
2002? LEGO McDonald's Stu Rowe Located
2000 LEGO War Thomas Foote Located
2000 LEGO Meets COPS, LEGO Meets Star Wars
(Also on this page were Star Wars tests #1 and #2)
Paul Nunes Located
2001 The LEGO Movie - test clip A team of guys in Iceland Missing
2000? LEGO Sabre Duel, LEGO Swordplay, Quiet Please Scott Randall Missing
2001 LEGO Weapon 4, Grave Digger, etc. Homey Moore Missing
2002 Matrix Fight, Ruby Trailer Sean Collins Located
2002 The Matrix Trailer Dwight Watson Missing
2001 Mountain Duel Tjeerd Kamps Missing
2000 Ninja Attack Christopher Brawn Missing
2002 Ninja Battle Daniel R. Missing
2000? Ninja Madness Ed Mayhall and Jen Mayhall Located
2001 OCAP Entertainment films Brian Gould, Colin Sproat, and Spencer Glodek Missing
2001 Oil Rig: The Movies (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Chip Worker Located
2001 On Safari, On the Beat, various Peter Smiley and Elijah Frown Missing
2002 Painting the Town Red "Pregnant Embryo" Located
2002 Park Fight Nathan Bosch Missing
2001? People, The Blocks, etc. Erik Coleman Missing
2001 Pick Me Up Daddy Michael Gasperi Missing
2001 Pirates Klaus "Bob Bongo" Wagner Located
2002 Police Videos Sean Collins Located
2001 The Robber!, A LEGO Short, Another LEGO Short Doug Green and Jason Benjamin Missing
2000 Saber-Oops! Russ Jensen Located
2000 Saucer Thomas Foote Located
2001 Scenes from Mission: Impensable
(2, 4, 5, 6, 7)
"Mandysia" Located 5/7
2002 Sharky Nathan Bosch Missing
2002 Shuttling "Holgor" Located
2001 Some Assembly Required Bob Patey and Heather Patey Located
2002 Star Wars Attack of the Clone: Trailer Michael J. Green Located
2001 Star Wars Episode IV LEGO Version Teaser Frank McKeever Located
2002 Strike Team "Mike" Missing
2002 TV Nate Regnier-Lange Located
2001? Taxi Mark Wanninger Located
2001 Train Wreck David Clough Located
2001 Trash Day Tom Culpepper Located
2001 True Lies CJ Doss Located
2001 Tune Up Robert Taylor Located
2002 Uber-Freak Nate Burr Located
2001 Untitled Julie Regnier Located
2000? Untitled Oliver Baker Located
2001? Various shorts
(StopMoTest, Swordfight, Animator, Dino)
Mike Yacullo Located
2002 WWII Trailer Rob "Major Director" Pirouet Located
2001 The Wire Simon Cooper Located

Shorts - 1 to 5 minutes[]

"These films are a little longer and a little more thought out. Those that are in the four to five minute range have taken some effort to make and probably have some special effects. This is a very popular category, as five minutes of detail is about the motivational limit of most animators. Some of our best works are in this catagory."[6][7][8]

Year Film Director(s) Status
2001 2001: A LEGO Odyssey Marc Atkin Located
2003 7/7
(Emote, Choices, Fly, Duel, Samuri, Invincible, Guard)
Nate Burr Located
2001 @#!$%#%^^! Stand Up!!! Sam Atwood and Woody Atwood Missing
2000 The Adventures of LEGO Jones: The Desert Secret Roland Koch, Andrea Stubbe, and Rico Dober Located
2002 Alien Trent Brown Missing
2000 All of the Dead Tony Mines and Tim Drage Located
2002 Alligators Like Canoes (& Unreal Tournament) Tim Shanks Located
2002 Alone Jason Rowoldt Located
2001 Also Thwacked Zarathustra Thomas Foote Located
1990 America's Funniest Home Videos Dave Lennie and Andy Boyer Located
2003 Among a Mafia Casey Ryan Located
2001 Angry Ryle Jay Docherty Missing
2002 Animation Class: Lesson 1 Stefan van Zwam Located
2002 Animation Class 2: Frame-rate Nate Burr Located
2002 Assault From the Past Rob "Major Director" Pirouet Located
2001 The Barber of Seville Stefan van Zwam and Marcel van Zwam Located
2001 The Big Chase Stefan van Zwam and Marcel van Zwam Located
2001 The Big Match Thomas Foote Located
2001 Big Mistake Jonathan Neary Located
2002 The Big Night Out Corinne Halsdorff, Matt Halsdorff & Tim Dotta Located
2001 The Biomechanics: Marcus Escapes Daniel Nice and Tim Nice Missing
2001 Black or White Colin Jones Located
2001 Black versus Yellow Russ Jensen Located
2001 Blazing Saddles Dave Lennie and Andy Boyer Located
2002 Boardwalk Nathaniel "Yolegoman" Jones Located
2000 Brain Damage Robert Thomas Located
2001 Breakfast of Zen Ben Brenninkmeyer Located
2000 The Brick Robert Thomas Located
2001 - 2002 Brickfilms Director's Project - Group 1
Brickfilms Director's Project - Group 2
Ben Brenninkmeyer, Jason Statham,
Seth Rotkin and Tjeerd Kamps
Brian "Mr.B" Schimke, Conrad Slater,
Jason Rowoldt and Russ Jensen
2002 Brickfilms Historical Fiction Contest Award Show Jason Rowoldt Located
2001 The Brickittsville Movie Company Kris Jacobson Missing
2002 Bricks of Doom Nathaniel "Yolegoman" Jones Located
2001 Catch Up, Heinz Oliver Baentsch Located
2001 Celebrity Wrestling Mike Lewis and Katie Lewis Located
2000 The Chase Jason Rowoldt Located
2002 Cocaine William "Demonhawk" Zolandz Located
2002 Comedian Mummy Andreas Feix Located in Egyptian Comedy
2002 Construction Massacre Chris Molly Located
2001 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Donut Doug James Located
2002 The DOFAS Andreas Feix and "Kaese Radierer Studios" Located
2001 Dancing on The Moon Jason Rowoldt Located
2002 Dangerous Trucks Marcel Klapschus Missing
2001 Darth Binks Jim Maruschak Located
2001 Day-O Chris G. Located
2001 Derrick (Guindaste) Carlos Eduardo Jorge Missing
2002 Descension Ben Brenninkmeyer Located
2002 Doctor Death Klaus "Bob Bongo" Wagner Located
2002 Dominus Poenae Christopher Kim Located
2002 Donnie the Mobster: Trouble at School! Nick Maniatis Located
2002 Doorway Nick Maniatis Located
2001 Dr. O Ben Matthew Missing
2001 Dragon Doom David Clough Located
1999 - 2002 Drunken Farmer Ben, various others
(Deathmatch 3, Deathmatch 2, Deathmatch, Dance, Payback, Electric Chair, Drunken Farmer Ben Realities, Old Time)
Johnson Riggs and Tyler Hines Located
2002 Duel at Kamino Philip Heinrich Located
2001 Duelego Zach "Z" Stanley Located
2002 The Electric Monster Thomas Lean Located
2002 The End Benjamin Sajo Located
2002 Episode I: The Lesson (Episode I: Die Lektion), The Glove (Der Handschuh) Thomas Roehl and Wolfgang Roehl Located
2002 Evening Report Nick Maniatis Located
2002 The Exorcist Trailer Bacher Markus Located
2002 Fart Competition: Parts 1, 2, 3, & 4 "WeirdEars" Located
2000 Fatherly Discipline Jason Allemann and Deane VanLuven Located
2002 The Fencers Jason Rowoldt Located
2002 Fig Benjamin Sajo Located
2002 Fightclub: Valtsu vs Allison "Valtsu" Located
2002 The Final Duel Joe Loretz Located
2002 The Freak Nate Burr Located
1992 The Funhouse Seth Kaufman Located
2002 The Game part 2: The Doggie Nate Burr Located
2001 The Gauntlet Jay Silver Located
2003 Geek Out Nate Burr Located
2001 Girl Ben Brenninkmeyer Located
2000 The Godfather Dave Lennie and Andy Boyer Located
2001 A Grand and Merry Chase Doug James Located
2002 Hairy-FREAK Nate Burr Located
2001 Hand of Fate Robert Thomas Located
2001 Haunted Manor Doug Green Missing
1998 Heat Part 2 Rob Weychert Located
2001 Held Up on Ice Dan Bell Located
2002 High Speed Directors Project Ben Matthew, Stefan van Zwam, Brian Geppert, "Thomas (TEK)", Brian Gould, & Philip Heinrich Located
2001 The Hitch (Die Panne) Marcel Klapschus Located
2003 Indystarmatrix Adam "IndyA" Ouellette Located
2001 It's a Living Seth Rotkin Missing
2000 Jacked Robert Thomas Located
2002 Jedi Chronicles: The First Duel Nick Maniatis Located
2001 Just Another Thief Film Jonathan Neary Located
2002 Kung Foo Fightin' Sean Collins Located
2001 The LEGO Chainsaw Massacre Andy Thornbery Located
2000 LEGO Liberation Alex Suter Located
2001 LEGO Live Klaus "Bob Bongo" Wagner Located
199? LEGO Man Movie 2 Daniel Crocker Missing
2001 LEGO Movie 3 Brian "Mr.B" Schimke Missing
2001 LEGO Rider Ivo van Poorten Located
1999 LEGO Troopers André "Rhapsody" Bricout and Christophe "Evilkiss" Monnerot Located
2002 LEgoMafia Stu Rowe Located
2000 LeGorso Joona Poikonen Located
2002 The Legend of the Maul Christopher Kim Located
2001 LegoLand Is Not Enough Greg Gates Located
2000 - 2001 The LegoLomo movies
(LegoLomo, LegoLomo II, LegoLomo III: Ninja)
Marcel Belledin Located
2001 LegoLomo IV: Black and White Horror Marcel Belledin Located
2002 LegoLomo V: Melodrama Marcel Belledin Located
2002 Macabre Manor (LEGO Studios version) Jared Gilbert Located
2002 Macabre Manor Jared Gilbert Located
2002 The Man in the Night Ida Møller Located
2002 Martian Gothic Patryk Wawer Located
2002 Martian Gothic 2 Patryk Wawer Located
2001 The Matrix Thief CJ Doss Located
2000 Meanwhile, Back At Supernerds Headquarters Greg Perry Located
2002 Mensko Binks's Story Karl Hepworth Located
2002 METRO Doug James Located
2001 Missing Out Jonathan Neary Located
2001 Mr. Chisim Part 2 Corinne Halsdorff, Matt Halsdorff & Tim Dotta Located
2002 Mummy Ben Brenninkmeyer Located
2000 My Coolest LEGO Mindstorms Robot Program Steve Putz Located
1999 The Mysterious Secret Treasure of the Lost Pyramid Greg Perry Located
2002 Mystery of the Ewok Nate Burr Located
2002 Mystery of the BoB Nate Burr Located
2002 NASA-TOP SECRET - Apollo 11 Bacher Markus Located
2002 NK2020 Nick Maniatis Located
2002 Natural Enemy Nate Burr Located
2001 Night Rob McMurray Located
2002 Ninja Thief Ben Brenninkmeyer Located
2001 ONE: A Space Odyssey Tony Mines and Tim Drage Located
2002 The Opening of the LEGO Ark Nathaniel "Yolegoman" Jones Located
2001 Paul Revere Jonathan Neary Located
2002 Perelowic Brian Gould Located
2001 Phantom of the Opera Jason Statham Located
2002 The Pirate's Treasure Julian Stratenschulte Located
2001 Pizza Flambe David Clough Located
2002 Prayer of Rabia Ben Brenninkmeyer Located
2002 Preview for High 5 Adam Bliley Located
2002 The Princess and the Frog Erik Amzallag Located
2001 Pulp Bricktion Tony Seibel Located
2002 Radiation Inspector Daniel R. Located
2003 Raymond Riker, 003 Dennis Bolk Located
2002 Der reiche Kornbauer Sammy Dittman Located
2001 The Rescue Jason Allemann and Deane VanLuven Located
2002 Rise of the Empire Jay Silver Located
2002 SS-5 Moccasin Patryk Wawer Located
2002 STARSANTA Andreas Feix Located
2002 The Scary Movie Jonathan Jones Located
1980 Scenes from Projekt RH Stefanie Herzer Located
2001 Sector 7 preview Robert Taylor Missing (full film located)
2003 a short documentary about: RUSSELL Nick Maniatis Located
1998 Siege on the Corporate Identity Plant Rob Weychert Located
2003 Sith Entertainment Jonathan Neary Located
2002 Slime Benjamin Sajo Located
2000 The Speederbike Alban Nanty Located
2001 Star Wars Wrestling Marlon Wuytenburg Located
2002 Star Wars: Last Strike Nate Burr Located
2000 Star Wars: LEGO Edition Trailer Jason Allemann and Deane VanLuven Located
2001 The Stoning Stephen Lord Located
2001 Sun God Brian Gould Located
2002 SuperGuy! Part 1 Chris Molly Located
2001 Take On Me, Stairs Doug Green Located
2001 Take-Off, Race Doug Green Located
2002 Tapporalli trailer Johannes Rojola Missing (full film located)
2001 Team Fortress Classic: First Strike Mike Lewis and Katie Lewis Located
2002 Terror Rob "Major Director" Pirouet Located
2001 The Thief Payton Ware Missing
2001 The Thing Andy Thornbery Located
2001 The Thing From Uranus Doug James Located
2001 Tube Wars Rod Kent Located
1998 Twelve Bucks Rob Weychert Located
2001 An Unusual Reconciliation Seth Rotkin Located
2002 Vacation in Amsterdam Sebastian Socha and Patryk Wawer Located
2001 Vigilante Espionage: Part 1 Russ Jensen Located
1985 - 2001 WDLN TV animation
(The Original Movie, Medieval Times,
The Humpin' LEGOs, LEGO Slate #1, LEGO Slate #2, The Road Warrior,
Johnny Cash: Were You There)
Dave Lennie and Andy Boyer Located
2002 Whenever, Wherever Carlos Eduardo Jorge Missing
2001 Work and Pray Ben Brenninkmeyer Located
2001 You're Toast Jonathan Neary Located

Small Movies - 5 to 25 minutes[]

"Almost any longer work is in this catagory. It takes a huge amount of effort to make any animation over 5 minutes long. Almost everything in this catagory has been scripted and storyboarded. In this category, you can see real stories starting to develop. Every movie below took a lot of effort and can be watched and admired."[9]

Year Film Director(s) Status
2001 aHead of Time Nathan Sutherland Located
2001 Amazone Tjeerd Kamps Located
2003 Attack of the Clone Michael J. Green Located
2002 BIRDS Andreas Feix Located
2002 Blood of the Wolf Nate Burr Located
2002 Brick Fiction Oliver Baentsch Located
2002 Brickanic "Gorillo Productions" Located
2001 Catharsis, Texas Doug James Located
2002 A Christmas Carol in Bricks Stefan van Zwam Located
2002 Christmas with Bluntmation Nate Burr Located
2001 Cretaceous Camp Philip Heinrich Located
2002 The Crucible Brian Gould Located
2001 Deep Breathing Tony Johnson and Daniel Sommermann Located
2002 Deserted Brad Paras Located
2002 Egyptian Comedy Andreas Feix Located
2002 Good Company Nick Maniatis Located
2003 Good Company: Redux Nick Maniatis Located
1999 The Hei$t Greg Perry Located
2002 Die Helden von Bern Florian Plag, Martin Seibert and Ingo Steidl Located
2002 J-Park "Slipstream Pictures" Located
2001 Jake Technic vs. Dr. Cyber Thomas Foote Located
2000 LEGO Chef Steve Iervolino Missing
2000 The LEGO Warrior Jamey Dilbeck Located
2002 LEGO Wars: La Menace Terrible Laurent "Dako" Codaccioni and Stéphane "Topsie" Rougon Located
2001 LEGOs Are Not Enough 4 Guys, 1 Brain Located
2002 Legoredo James Hagewood, Tim McNutt,
Bert McMahan and Ryan Phillippie
2002 The Lion's Paw Nathaniel "Yolegoman" Jones Located
2001 The Matrix in 6 Minutes Colin Jones Located
2001 MilkManDan: A Tale of Blood and Gore Bryce Chu Located
1993 Ministry - "Thieves" Jason Bardis Located
2002 Mystery of the Freaky Ass Day Where Everyone Was a Robot Nate Burr Located
2003 Night Breaker Patryk Wawer Located
1989 Oh Well Andy Boyer Located
2003 Out of Time Chris Salt Located
2003 Paco's Wide World of Sports Brian Gould and Simone Marchand Located
1999 - 2000 Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World Q. Allan Brocka Located
2002 The Rise and Fall of Lazarus Brian Gould, Colin Sproat, and Spencer Glodek Located
1999 Salt Lake Spaceport Kelly Jeffery and Russ Gatrell Located
2002 Sector 7 Robert Taylor Located
2003? Star Wars LEGO: The Adventures of Diavo & Joe, Episode IV Dave Voltaggio Located
2002 Star Wars: The Unknown Andreas Feix Located
1991 StarLego Myles Abbott and Kevin Burfitt Located
1998? Titanic: LEGOs at Sea "Killer Epidemic" Located
2002 Toy Borgs Rod Kent Located
2001 Vecna's Lens: Part I Jason Rowoldt Located
2001 Xarkun 8 Joel Batterman Located
2002 You Only LEGO Twice 4 Guys, 1 Brain Located

Feature Length Movies - Over 25 Minutes[]

"Epic works. Usually, this is the effort of a cast and crew, not just one person. If done independently, it is a major project, sometimes lasting months of years. This is the pinnacle of our hobby."[10]

Year Film Director(s) Status
2002 Grand Theft Auto Patryk Wawer Located
1995 Heart of Darkness Andy Boyer Located
2002 Rocketmen vs. Robots David T. Krupicz Located
1990 TE Andy Boyer Located

The Brickfilms Classical Movie Contest Submissions[]

"This is it! These are the final entries for the Brickfilms Classical Movie Contest. To see the results of the reader's choice, go to the main page and look on the left hand side."[11]

Year Film Director(s) Status
2001 The Barber of Seville Stefan van Zwam and Marcel van Zwam Located
2001 The Briefcase Stephen Lord Missing
2001 Bush: The Musical Brian Gould Located
2001 Dance Lesson "Valtsu" Located
2001 The Evolution of Creation Greg Perry Located
2001 A Grand and Merry Chase Doug James Located
2001 Haunting Gibberish Russ Jensen Located
2001 Labor Union Riot Jonathan Neary Located
2001 Lega Wars Ben Brenninkmeyer Located
2001 Military Tattoo at Brickingham Palace Fredrik Christiansen Located

Brickfilms Historical Fiction Contest - The Entries[]

"It is wonderful to note here that we have an incredible mix of American, Japanese, Australian, Roman, French, British, and general world history as subject matters. It's nice to see such a diverse mix of themes and time periods in our contest. If this doesn't speak to being an international community, I don't know what does. And now, on to the films!"[12]

Year Film Director(s) Status
2002 Athealus and the Sword of Pandor Brian Geppert Located
2002 D-Day Mark Wanninger Missing
2002 Freedom Brian Gould Located
2002 Great Inventors Part 1: The Wheel Stefan van Zwam Located
2002 The Great Train Robbery C. van Aken Located
2002 The Invention Lars Møller Located
2002 Kerouac Ben Brenninkmeyer Located
2002 Midnight Ride Doug James and Jared Gilbert Located
2002 Robin of the Hood Stefan G. Tosheff Located
2002 To Fly is Everything! Jason Herder Located
2002 A (Very) Brief History of the Bushranger 'Ned Kelly' and the 'Kelly Gang' Nick Maniatis Located
2002 Walking with Dinosaurs Andreas Feix Located