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Liquid Plastic Productions was a group of American brickfilmers that consisted of David "Bigfoot Graphics" Hensler, Steve "Gliebster" Gliebe, Daniel "Gliebe-Tronics" Gliebe, and Max Albert. They had brickfilms online starting in 1999 or 2000,[1] and although their films did not find their way to the directory, they gained traction on file sharing services such as Kazaa, and later on the now-defunct Google Video. They are best known for The LEGO Man Matrix and LEGO Pirates: Treasure.


Year Title Notes
1999 The Drunken LEGO Man
2000 The LEGO Man Matrix
2000 Got Milk?
2002 LEGO Bond Unfinished; filmed in 2001[2]
2003 LEGO Pirates: Treasure