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Lindsay Fleay is an Australian animator.[2] He is known in brickfilming for the 1989 film The Magic Portal, a well-known and highly regarded early brickfilm.

Fleay went on to work as a 3D animator at Animal Logic, working on films such as The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. In an interesting coincidence, Animal Logic eventually went on to create the animation for The LEGO Movie, though Fleay was no longer with them by this point. The LEGO Movie features a prominent visual reference to The Magic Portal, and according to someone who was a student of Fleay's, friends of Fleay who still worked at Animal Logic "made sure that the film [...] payed homage to it"[3] (though it is unconfirmed if the Animal Logic connection did influence the inclusion of the reference).


Year Title Notes
1984 Legomatics X [4]
1989 The Magic Portal