The astronaut in the ship awaits lift-off
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Directed by
Marc Leidy
  • Slice of life
  • Science fiction
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Lift-off! is a 1985 film by Marc Leidy. It is among the earliest known brickfilms created and is one of the first known amateur brickfilms to include sound and an original musical score.[1] It is the only known completed stop-motion brickfilm by Leidy and was first made publicly available in January 2000, making it one of the earliest brickfilms available online.[2][3] A higher quality transfer was made available in 2014.[4]


A man gets fuel put in his car and drives towards a space station. Upon arrival, he puts on an space suit and gets in to a spaceship. After a countdown, the ship takes off and flies in to space.


  • Marc Leidy - Director, Composer
  • Jon Mueller - Sound Effects


Lift-off! was shot over a couple of weeks in 1985 on Super 8 film using a Canon Auto Zoom 814E camera. It was animated at 9 frames-per-second. The original film reel was lost but the film survived on a Betacam SP tape transfer.

Leidy composed the soundtrack to the film himself using an Atari 800 home computer. He received help with additional sound effects from his friend Jon Mueller, whose moped can be heard as the sound of the main character's car.[5]