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Lewis Chen is an American brickfilmer. He is known for Repent, the Mediocre Hour series, and Thank You Bear. He started out in 2003 as a stop-motion brickfilmer but was eventually not satisfied with his efforts and found himself lacking materials and space,[1][2] so began releasing CGI brickfilms in 2006. His last completed stop-motion brickfilm was The BellGame from January 2006, but a trailer released in 2010 titled Your Middle Name is Danger for a film named Erebus combined stop-motion with CGI elements. He has since mentioned that this project has been revised and switched over to CGI entirely.[3]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2003? LEGO Wars Part I
2004 LEGO Wars Part II: The Staff of Maniac [4]
2004 Mediocre Hour: Episode 1 - High Speed my Butt!
2004 Mediocre Hour: Episode 2 - Stop-Mo, Slo-Mo
2004 Mediocre Hour: Episode 3 - Missionaries at the Door
2004 Mediocre Hour: Horror Special
2004 Nine Elements, One Problem 10 Brick Contest prize winner[5]
2004 The Twelve Pains of X-mas
2005 Sleepless Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest entry[6]
2005 Repent Late Heroes and Villains Contest film[7]
2005 A Politically Correct Holiday Message
2006 The BellGame Ten Lines Contest entry[8]
2006 Montage Clip: Revenge of the Sith: Battle Over Coruscant
2007 Project Super Promo
2008 Thank You Bear
2008 R2-E
2009 Apologise
2009 Jesus Isn't Recession-proof
2010 Mythical Bailout
2010 Your Middle Name is Danger
2011 Misconception
2011 Noir Jambon
2012 Trouble at the Lechagon
2012 100 Stories County of Los Angeles Public Library's 100 Things Challenge entry[9]
2012 Life of Pi
2012 The Dark Knight Wises
2012 Cheval N°Mort
2013 Penguin Skiing
2013 Polar Vortex
2014 Iced Bucket
2014 Game of Brickfilmers Volume 1
2014 Stormtrooper is the New Black
2014 Jurassic Park 4
2015 Oh no! A Patreon announcement. Run for your lives~!
2015 PeteFails: Hoverboard
2016 PeteFails: Hello
2016 TIE Fighter on Patrol

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