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Leprechauns in France is a 2014 comedy brickfilm by Harrison Allen.[1][2] It is about a Frenchman, Garry, who has a variety of whimsical encounters with leprechauns (in France).[3]


Chapter 1: Fred the Leprechaun

In France a Frenchman named Gary takes a seat on a park bench and is suddenly greeted by a Leprechaun. After having his mind blown, the Leprechaun extinguishes Gary's head and explain he's lucky because he is a leprechaun. He then goes off to eat some donuts with extra sprinkles.

Chapter 2: 20 Percent Cooler

A week later, Gary arrives back at the park bench and is once again visited by the Leprechaun. After being questioned about his nationality by Gary, the Leprechaun shows him a rainbow mushroom. Which Gary finds so cool that he becomes frozen in a block of ice. After melting Gary out of his frozen prison, the Leprechaun wriggles off once more to suck on brightly coloured lollipops and delicious ice-cream sandwiches.

Chapter 3: Green Isn't Your Colour

After it is explained that the old narrator has been replaced, the scene once again returns to Gary in the park. This time he is now visited by a new Leprechaun named Henry. Gary astounded by another menial encounter with a leprechaun is then shot by Henry.




Year Competition Category Result
2014 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Set Design Nominated