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Leo is a 2008 brickfilm by Jeremy Wisoff. It is about the intervention of an alcoholic, Leo.[1] It was created for the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 5B, and placed third in the overall THAC 5 results.[2] For many years, it was considered to be a missing brickfilm due to being removed from YouTube and, but is was eventually reinstated on in 2021, with minor cuts made.[3]


A group of friends wait for Leo at his house, as one of them explains that they will hold an intervention for the life-long alcoholic. Leo arrives home, unsurprisingly, inebriated. As one of his friends begins the intervention, Leo refuses to be separated from his "Delilah". As they begin to pry into his alcoholism, Leo explains its origins as to how it began.


  • Jeremy Wisoff - Writer, Animator, Voice actor
  • Alex Turner - Writer, Voice actor