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Legoman's Great Return is a 2003 action brickfilm by Mike Sidorov and Michael Soare.[1] It follows a LEGO Technic figure making an escape from a house guarded by other toys. It is the sequel to Legoman's Great Escape from 2002. It was also one of the earliest brickfilms on YouTube, being uploaded on August 14, 2005.[2]


Following his escape from the evil Toy Army's headquarters, Legoman learns that the Toy Army have captured the legendary orb, which has the power to destroy the world if in the wrong hands. Legoman returns to the Toy Army's headquarters on a mission to retrieve the orb.

Legoman sneaks around the headquarters and shoots guards before blowing up a tank. He encounters a sword-wielding guard and duels him before defeating him. He rappels down to ground level where he is approached by two guards on bikes. He kills the guards with his sword before making his way to a tower.

Legoman climbs up and throws a grenade to kill the guard at the top of the tower. He looks through the scope of a mounted gun and locates the orb, and he fires an explosive from the gun to kill the guards surrounding the orb. He gets back down to the floor and takes a bike over to acquire the orb before walking to a phone and making a call to request extraction.


  • Mike Sidorov - Director, Animator, Camera, Choreography, Special effects editor, Set design, Sound effects editor, Screenplay
  • Michael Soare - Director, Animator, Camera, Choreography, Prop coordinator, Set design, Technical adviser, Screenplay
  • Joanna Black - Producer
  • Dan Soare - Special thanks