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Legoman's Great Escape is a 2002 action brickfilm by Mike Sidorov and Michael Soare.[1] It follows a LEGO Technic figure making an escape from a house guarded by other toys. It was followed by Legoman's Great Return in 2003. It was also one of the earliest brickfilms on YouTube, being uploaded on August 14, 2005.[2]


A man places a LEGO Technic figure, Legoman, on a bathroom counter. An action figure sits at the other end guarding the counter. Legoman sneaks around the taps and into the sink where there is an army vehicle. He mans the turret and takes out the guard. He picks up the guard's gun and shoots another action figure off a bike down on the floor. He rappels down to the floor and commandeers the bike.

Upon leaving the bathroom, Legoman takes out army men in a bedroom and continues out towards the stairs. He climbs a banister and slides down the handrail to ground level. Legoman has a battle with an action figure in a car and a final showdown with a BIONICLE figure before escaping out the door of the house.


  • Mike Sidorov - Producer, Special effects, Editing, Camera work
  • Michael Soare - Producer, Human resources, Pre-production, Camera work
  • Joanna Black - Special thanks
  • Greg Kouts - Also noted


Year Competition Category Result
2002 Toronto International Teen Movie Festival Best Animation Won
McLuhan International Film Festival Animation Second place