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Lego Torture Halloween Stop Motion is a 2013 horror brickfilm released by kristo449. A sequel titled Lego Torture 2 Stop Motion was released in 2020.

The first part focuses on several people being held captive by a brutal butcher while the second part focuses on a pizza delivery man running from a crowd of people.


Lego Torture Halloween Stop Motion[]

A masked butcher dismembers several human hands and cooks them into soup, using other human flesh in his cooking. Three people, two men and one woman, are chained up in the butcher's hallway; he cuts the hands off of one man with a buzzsaw and leaves, forgetting the buzzsaw in the process. The woman gives the saw to the man who cuts his restraints but refuses to free the woman, who is stabbed to death by the butcher when he comes back.

The man discovers that the boarded up windows are filled with bricks and continues to run through the hallways until he discovers himself in a crowded restaurant. A scimitar thrown by the butcher strikes the man in the back of the head, killing him, as the butcher drags him back into the hallway while the blood-splattered patrons continue eating.

Lego Torture 2 Stop Motion[]

A pizza delivery man exits a pizza parlor with a pizza moments before the chef commits suicide with a shotgun. The man is chased through the city by multiple people who notice the pizza; elsewhere, a young child notices the butcher in the window of an abandoned building. The man hides in the building and discovers a corpse with an axe in its head. Later, a police officer arrives and asks the butcher if he knows about a disappeared man; the butcher hides the evidence of his murders and shows the officer around.

The officer discovers the man bound in a basement but is shot and killed by the butcher with a shotgun. The man finds himself in a torture room as the butcher brutally murders him with a buzzsaw and melts his face onto a pizza. Later, a character exits the same pizza parlor holding a pizza as he too is chased by a crowd of people.


  1. Lego Torture Halloween Stop Motion
  2. Lego Torture 2 Stop Motion