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Lego Suicide Squad and the Quest for the Holy Grail is a LEGO brickfilm made by GravityFilms4.


When an international terrorist organization threatens the sanctity of the free world, Amanda Waller entrusts Colonel Rick Flag to lead a group of supervillains on a mission that will result in almost certain death. They call them the Suicide Squad for a reason. Don't get too attached.


The brickfilm is split into three parts: Rollcall, Amblin', and Checkmate.


Amanda Waller introduces Colonel Rick Flag to Task Force X - better known as The Suicide Squad - a team of criminals with bombs implanted in their heads who he will lead on a mission. The team consists of Mindboggler, a non-binary villain with mind control abilities, March Harriet, a rabbit themed villain, Multiplex Man, who can create clones of himself, Codename: Assassin, Crazy Quilt, Catman VIII, Volcana, and Sportsmaster. Although Waller intends for Peacemaker to be on the team, he is instead replaced with bigoted Major Victory. They debrief the team, letting them know that the organization Checkmate intends to steal the Holy Grail to achieve eternal life.

The team sneaks onto a train heading to the location and split up into carts; they get to know each other better, and Harriet falls in love with Volcana. Two guards abruptly enter and one is mind-controlled by Mindboggler, who makes him shoot a gasoline canister, before the other guard shoots them in the face. Crazy Quilt enters the train cart and is immediately shot to death while Volcana manages to incinerate the guards but not before accidentally setting fire to the gasoline trail, causing her to be burned to death.

More guards arrive but Major Victory brutally massacres them all before the canister explodes, setting fire to the train. Flag and most of the team escapes while Harriet attempts to stay behind with the corpse of Volcana before she is eventually convinced to leave.


The team walks through the desert, with Multiplex Man and Codename: Assassin growing close. Catman VIII's thirst reaches a breaking point and he attacks Sportsmaster, only for Waller to detonate the bomb in his head as a warning. The remaining members come across a facility, the location of the Holy Grail, and enter it. Multiplex Man and Codename: Assassin hold hands.


The gang places bombs around the facility and finds the grail only to be ambushed by Checkmate soldiers led by John Lynch, who killed Flag's father. A brutal gunfight ensues, resulting in the deaths of dozens of Checkmate soldiers while Flag and Lynch have a hand-to-hand fight. Harriet is shot in the abdomen but musters the strength to get up using memories of Volcana and save Major Victory from several soldiers before she is suddenly shot in the temple, twitching as she collapses, thinks about Volcana one more time, and dies.

The fight continues, with the soldiers shooting many Multiplex clones before one soldier fatally shoots the real Multiplex Man with a shotgun. Codename: Assassin embraces him and attempts to avenge him only to be instantly shot dead, with the two kissing each other before bleeding out in each other's arms. Multiple soldiers take Sportsmaster's baseball bat and brutally beat him with it; after he breaks out of their grip, he holds them at gunpoint but after seeing the corpses of Harriet, Multiplex Man, and Codename: Assassin, instead chooses to commit suicide by shooting himself in the face.

Flag and Lynch continue fighting until Victory attacks Lynch, with Lynch beginning to strangle him; as a sacrifice, Waller detonates the bomb in Victory's head, killing both him and Lynch in the ensuing explosion. Flag grabs the Holy Grail and runs out of the collapsing facility, haunted by the deaths of his entire team, only to call Waller upon escaping and tell her that the mission was a success.


  • Directed by Gage Gist
  • Written by Probably Josh & GravityFilms4
  • Produced by the Lego DC Nation
  • Opening titles by FlashLegoProductions
  • Additional audio editing by Airborne_Productions
  • Probably Josh as Rick Flag Jr.
  • Mia Rorah as Amanda Waller
  • Youssef Saleh as John Lynch
  • Madison Lawing as Mindboggler
  • Gregory Animations as Crazy Quilt
  • Jenna Oliver as Volcana
  • Nathaniel Henley as Catman VIII
  • Fandom Quest as March Harriet
  • FlashLegoProductions as Multiplex Man
  • GravityFilms4 as Codename: Assassin
  • Crisis Studios as Sportsmaster
  • And ForrestFire101 as Major Victory
  • Green Leaf Productions
  • Airborne_Productions
  • Logan Menchaca
  • A.G.O.M.
  • And CalebAnimationStudios