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Lego Home Alone The Movie is a 2023 Christmas brickfilm directed by Andrew Neis. It is almost entirely a shot-for-shot remake of the original film, save for a few creative additions / substitutions from the original film. The first Trailer was released on Oct 15th, 2023 to Youtube, and the final film released on Nov. 16th 2023 on Youtube. An exclusive preview of the "Angels With Filthy Souls" scene was released on Nov. 1st, in its full Widescreen format (in the full movie, the film is partly shown in Fullscreen format since it is displayed on a TV.)


The film was created by stunt performer Andrew Neis, who shot the film during the time he was affected by the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike. Neis used the Lego Ideas Home Alone House 21330 set for the house, Wet Bandits Van, and Kevin, Marley, Kate, Harry and Marv minifigures. Neis designed the extended cast himself by purchasing varying Lego heads and torsos. Neis also designed the Police Car and Little Nero's Pizza Car, as well as the Church, neighboring houses, and Angels With Filthy Souls set.


  • The release date (Nov 16th) is the same as the original 1990 release date.
  • Harry Potter references:
    • Home Alone was directed by Chris Columbus, who went on to direct Harry Potter.
    • Buzz tries to scare Kevin with the story about Marley which he tells him is Voldemort.
    • There's a Harry Potter Goblin coming down the stairs carrying the luggages.
    • There's a Harry Potter on the airplane behind Kate.
  • A Lego version of Kevin's brother Jeff is seen carrying a video game controller down the stairs; in Home Alone, he is seen playing Game Gear in the airport van.
  • Eggnog references: Peter McAlister asks if Harry got any Eggnog (short line from Home Alone)  which Harry picks up and keeps for himself. Later, when he is following Kevin, he takes a sip of the Eggnog while pretending like he isn't following Kevin. Then again later, Harry uses the Eggnog from earlier to extinguish his burning hand after touching the hot doorknob.
  • Uncle Frank is seen watching "Angels With Filthy Souls" in the background; the movie that he won't let Kevin watch.
  • There are Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance (from the Half-Life games) minifigures coming down the stairs. They also are credited at the beginning of the movie.
  • There is an "Italian guy" minifigure coming down the stairs (with the striped shirt, pasta and scarf), who is credited as "Giuseppe Bilotti" at the beginning of the movie. Andrew Neis (the Director) is Italian.
  • The "Follow That Kid " scene is an exact shot-for-shot remake. Even the neighboring houses are the same.
  • The "Sledding on the Stairs" scene is an exact shot-for-shot remake.
  • The "Rocking around the Christmas Tree" scene is an exact shot-for-shot remake.
  • The "Angels With Filthy Souls" set is an exact replica but in Lego, complete with the books, binoculars, SLR camera, magnifying glass, coat rack, safe, and Tommy gun.
  • The police car is an Lego replica of the 1985 Chevy Caprice Chicago PD police car.
  • The Pizza Man states, "You're my witness, I was here in 30 minutes or less", which is a line taken from the deleted scenes in Home Alone. What's funny is that decal on his car reads "Little Nero's Delivers in 20 minutes or YOU DON'T PAY!".