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Lego Friday The 13th: Afterlife is a LEGO horror stop-motion released on November 13th, 2020 by oFFiCiaL Bricks on YouTube.


A hiker hiking through the woods sees Jason and starts to run. When he think that he lost him, Jason appears behind the hiker and snaps his neck.

In 1989, Casey, Marcy, and Ronny arrive at Green Lodgings, which belongs to their friend Shane. Shane tells them that the rest of the friends are inside, except Keith and Jake. Keith and Jake, who's car blew a tire, are stranded in the woods. Keith begins to fix the tire while Jake goes to take a leak, not seeing Jason in the bushes. Jason sneaks up on Jake and brings down his machete on his face. He comes up to Keith while he is under the car, which is tilted at an angle, and causes the car to fall on Keith's head, crushing his skull. At Green Lodgings, Shance tries to flirt with Marcy, while Earl tells the story of Jason to Kara and Lauren. Ronny pressures Casey to take weed, while Casey's girlfriend Lauren goes swimming.

After swimming, Lauren goes back onto the pier where Jason impales her through the stomach, before splitting her face in half. Jason then kicks her body into the lake. Luke tries to be nice to Veronica, but she says that she's not interested in him. Luke continues to be friendly. After getting high, Casey realizes that he forgot to go swimming with Lauren. When he goes to the pier, he finds some of her blood. Jason lures Casey into a shed and pushes him into a curcuit breaker. Keith is killed when the glass goes into his back and throat, before he is electrocuted to death.

When the power goes out, Ronny and Earl go to check on it. Keith, thinking that Jason is a hallucination, doesn't see him as a threat, causing Jason to slice his head off. Earl manages to turn the lights back on, before he is killed by Jason when Jason burns him to death with a lighter. DeAndre and Kara realize that Casey's tires are slashed, before Veronica runs into the house, having found Earl's incinerated body. While Shane and Marcy are having sex in a cabin, Jason takes a metal pole and impales them both with it.

Luke and Veronica become better friends while hiding, and Veronica agrees to date Luke. When Luke goes to check on a noise, Veronica hears his screams and finds that Jason has pushed him into a fireplace, killing him. She tries to hide in a bathroom but is found by Jason, who then drowns her in the toilet. DeAndre and Kara find a police officer, only for Jason to snap his neck. Jason kills DeAndre by punching through his chest, before Kara hits him with a car against Green Lodgings, killing him also.