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LegoLomo V: Melodrama is a 2002 drama brickfilm by Marcel Belledin. It follows a man who is captured for a freak show, where he finds love.[1] It is the sequel to LegoLomo IV: Black and White Horror from 2001, and is the final film in the LegoLomo series.[2]


Phil the Playmobil is shipped to the unscrupulous freak show owner, Dr. Moll. A large crowd arrives for the unveiling of Dr. Moll's newest attraction. The previous main attraction, The Big-Monster, is angry that he has been replaced, and tries to reach through his cage bars. Later, the caretaker Melanie is cleaning up the room, and spots Phil in a cage. They fall in love at first sight, but The Big-Monster breaks through his cage bars and abducts Melanie. Phil breaks through his bars to give chase, which also lets the other freaks inside free.

Phil finds The Big-Monster climbing up a tall building with Melanie in his hand. He climbs up after them and gets into a fight with The Big-Monster on the roof. Dr. Moll, out looking for his missing freaks, watches as Phil pushes The Big-Monster off the roof. Phil and Melanie are united, but Dr. Moll confronts them, and has brought backup. Phil realises he will never be accepted, and flees.

At the freak show, Melanie finds a letter attatched to the cage bars.[1]



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