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LegoLomo IV: Black and White Horror is a 2001 horror brickfilm by Marcel Belledin. It is about a man who is captured for a crazy professor's experiment.[1] It is the sequel to LegoLomo III: Ninja from earlier in 2001, and was followed by LegoLomo V: Melodrama in 2002. It is the first film in the series to be shot with a digital camera, rather than on Super 8.[2] It was also one of the thirteen brickfilms shown at the first Steinerei festival in 2005.[3]


A crazy professor is looking on the street for a person to use as a test subject and spots a homeless man, Robert. He knocks out Robert and takes him to the lab, strapping him into the magneto-chair. The professor throws a lever, successfully turning Robert into an undead skeleton, which breaks free and kills the professor.

The skeleton leaves the lab and causes panic in the town. It spots a woman who used to always give money to the homeless Robert, and pursues her. She thinks it means to harm her and runs up a tall building, before hanging off the edge of the roof. The skeleton helps her up from this danger, and she then recognises that it was once Robert. She kisses the skeleton, at which point it turns back into the human, Robert.[1]


  • Marcel Belledin - Director
  • Udo Belledin - Set design
  • Stefanie Belledin - Set design


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