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LegoLomo III: Ninja is a 2001 fantasy brickfilm by Marcel Belledin.[1] It is about a knight's quest to rescue his kidnapped partner.[2] It is the sequel to LegoLomo II from 2000, and was followed by LegoLomo IV: Black and White Horror later in 2001. It is the last film in the series to be shot on Super 8.[3]


The dragon knight is in the woods with his partner, Josephine, when the dark forces of Prince Kahn arrive. A ninja kidnaps Josephine while another ninja duels with the dragon knight. The knight defeats the ninja, but is too late to stop Josephine being taken.

The knight visits a psychic, who shows him a vision in a crystal ball of Josephine being held prisoner in a fortress. The knight gathers troops and gets on his dragon to launch an attack on the fortress. Knights enter and fight ninjas, while the dragon takes care of samurai guarding the prison cell. The dragon knight rescues Josephine and they kiss. While they are distracted, one last ninja approaches, and a knight drops through a hatch in the ceiling just in time to shoot him.[2]


Marcel Belledin - Director, Music


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