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LegoLomo II is a 2000 crime brickfilm by Marcel Belledin.[1] It follows two men who set out to rob a bank.[2] It is the sequel to LegoLomo from the same year, and was followed by LegoLomo III: Ninja in 2001.[3]


An unemployed programmer arrives at a brothel and heads to a back room. He meets with the owner, and the two plan a bank robbery. Some nights later, they go to break into the bank, and the programmer uses his skills to break open the safe door using the terminal. The alarm is set off, and the two men pack suitcases with valuables before rushing back to their car. They drive away just as a police motorcycle and car arrive and pursue. At a junction, the motorcycle crashes when avoiding traffic, and the police car continues the pursuit. It gets alongside the theives' car, but they push it into an adjacent ditch and get away to the airport. The two men escape to a tropical island.[2]


Marcel Belledin - Director, Music


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