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LegoLomo is a 2000 thriller brickfilm by Marcel Belledin[1] about a man who confronts a burglar.[2] It was filmed on Super 8 and was one of the earlier brickfilms from Germany available online.[3][4][5][6] It is the first brickfilm by Belledin and the first of five LegoLomo films.[7] It was followed by LegoLomo II in the same year.


Simon attempts to phone his partner, Maike, but receives no answer, to his confusion. Simon drives to Maike's house and when he arrives, he notices something suspicious. He looks through the window of the house and sees that a burglar is inside and has tied Maike to a chair. The burglar spots Simon and Simon bursts through the door before getting into a fight with the burglar. The burglar pins Simon next to the fireplace, but Simon manages to grab the fireplace poker and subdue the burglar with it. Simon and Maike reunite.[2]


Marcel Belledin - Director, Music


LegoLomo series
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