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Legend of the Samurai-Ninja is a 2013 comedy adventure brickfilm by Matt Viveen. It follows a television crew filming a survival program on a remote island near Japan, where they accidentally manage to get wrapped up in a secret ninja plot.[1] The Samurai-Ninja character previously appeared in the 2011 film Samurai Terrorist.[2] Other main characters in the film would go on to appear in multiple future films by Viveen.



  • Bridget Parker as Samantha
  • Cody Banks as almost every male Asian character
  • Matt Pancer as Wildman
  • Matt Viveen as Brian, One ninja
  • Monica Song as Su-jeong
  • Ovi Tudose as Nathan, Bob
  • Scott Betts as himself


  • Matt Viveen - Director
  • Cody Banks - Set building assistance
  • Dan Potovszky - Set building assistance
  • Justin Villemure - Set building assistance
  • Monica Song - Set building assistance, Korean translation
  • Scott Betts - Set building assistance
  • Erino Sekita - Japanese translation
  • Pete Viveen, Vera Viveen, Steven Viveen, Devin Kendrick, Dom Rogalski, Jeremy Reese, Jayson Guerreiro, Ethan Banks, Morgan Jackman, Monica Song - Special thanks