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Legando is a 2011 swashbuckler brickfilm by Kris Theorin and Kurtis Theorin.[1] It is in the vein of Zorro films, and follows the vigilante hero Legando in his effort to stop a wealthy businessman from forcing an innocent family off their land.[2] It was created for spugesdu's Fourth Great & Bountiful LEGO Stop Motion Contest 2011.



  • Kris Theorin - Animator, Editor
  • Kurtis Theorin - Writer, Voices, Theme song writer
  • Craig - Theme song producer


Year Competition Category Result
2012 Westport Youth Film Festival Best Animation Won

Legando was also part of the official selection for the Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival, the 2012 National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY), Brickflix 2012, and Cine Brick 2013.

Behind the scenes gallery[]